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EGROUP-Services Ltd (EGROUP)

EGROUP designs, develops, markets and supports products for Collaborative Document Management, Authentic Document Management, and Digital Rights Management. EGROUP sees Security, Reliability, and Ergonomy as key enabling factors to the widespread use of electronic systems, which are in turn key to productivity and competitiveness.
EGROUP's current product and service portfolio was built on the insight and experience gained with mission critical transactional systems, applied cryptography, and data security technologies, primarily in the financial sector, during the past ten years leading the development of applications based on novel technologies, e.g. Digital Watermarking, latest portal technologies, and PKI/Digital Signature technologies etc.
With several hundred corporate users and major Hungarian and international companies as customers in government, banking, utility and FMCG sectors, EGROUP has established itself as a leading supplier of secure/authentic business automation solutions.
EGROUP-Services Ltd. was founded in 1993, and is now owned by EGROUP Hungary Plc. which is a private company owned by the Management and a notable professional investment fund.
EGROUP's customers are major Hungarian and international companies in government, banking, utility and FMCG sectors. EGROUP has customers in Hungary, Poland, Czeh Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, and in the United States. EGROUP products are used by several hundred corporate users in Hungary, and in the Central-Eastern European Region.

Role in the project

As part of the BOSS demonstrator test-bed, EGROUP provides for NFC readers and NFC enabled passenger mobile devices with eID function, and the necessary software components to integrate with the core BOSS security and information system.
EGROUP will bring the latest NFC-enabled mobile devices into the testbed implementation. This will enable a demonstration where the passenger uses an NFC-compliant device to:

  • connect securely to the wireless LAN after exchanging configuration data via NFC
  • connect to the internet or passenger information services
  • access higher valued services requiring identification and authentication, using the eID function of the SIM/WIM of an NFC-enabled mobile phone

  • electronically sign transactions (e.g., authorize the payment for a passenger service) transferred to the NFC-compliant signing device (proximity card, mobile phone)

The electronic signature together with a contactless identification solution considerably facilitates the use of mobile devices when delivering e-services to passengers.

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