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Project outcomes

The BOSS project has developed an architecture including intelligence management, generic signalling elements as well as several innovative solutions and algorithms for improving the radio access, transport, mobility management, event detection, video coding robustness and a first version of real-time video encoder H.264/AVC.

This architecture has been validated in real commercial conditions (a commercially in-usage RENFE carriage) allowed to prove the feasibility of BOSS proposed architecture.

The partners of BOSS consortium have decided to offer to the scientific community various outputs from the projects:

  1. dissemination material with a list of the different publications and demonstrations made during the project life (accessible here)
  2. film of the demonstration done in Madrid (23th April 2009) illustrating the project outcomes and feasibility proof-of-concept (see below dailymotion link)
  3. audio and video sequences acquired within a rolling RENFE train for multimedia compression tests and event detection in 2008 (to be released soon).

In terms of more commercial outcomes, it is still early to evaluate the BOSS potential outcomes, but it should be noted that the demonstration itself, thanks to its realisation in real commercial conditions (a commercially in-usage RENFE carriage in Madrid cercanias lines) allowed to demonstrate the BOSS proposed architecture to several business lines delegates from the involved companies (THALES, TELEFONICA, SNCF, …) as well as from other companies in the considered business (RENFE, AL-LUCENT, …).

Szabolcs Nováczki, january-february 2007.
Catherine Lamy-Bergot, january2007-june 2009.