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Institut National de Recherche sur les Transports et leur Sécurité (INRETS)

The French National Institute for Transport and Safety Research (INRETS) is a public scientific and technological body under the dual administrative supervision of the Ministry in charge of Research and the Ministry in charge of Transports. Staff at INRETS totals 420. Two thirds of the research which are executed at INRETS deal with the physical sciences, and one third with the social sciences. The activities of the Institute involve diverse fields such as economics, sociology, psychology, physiology, ergonomics, biomechanics, acoustics, mechanics, mathematics, computer sciences, electronics and electro-techniques. The diversity of approach used to carry out the different research programmes gives a multidisciplinary characteristic to the INRETS research teams, which corresponds to their methods.
INRETS-LEOST: Laboratory of Electronics, Waves and Signals in Transport
Situated in Villeneuve d’Ascq in the north of France, LEOST is a research unit of INRETS dedicated to new technological research on new components which allow the development of telecommunications, telematics, localisation and surveillance applications in road and rail transport fields. The staff is composed of 16 persons. 8 students are preparing a PhD under responsibility of the Laboratory staff.
INRETS-LEOST laboratory has a good expertise in the field of broadband communication into confined areas, communication and navigation services via satellites and in command control of automated vehicles. The team has good knowledge in the field of Audio and Video surveillance dor public transport, both on the ground and on board. Another part of the team has good knowledge in the field of channel sounding for terrestrial and satellite systems and signal processing. Recent research addressed satellite channels characterization, MIMO systems for public transport applications, OFDM in fast varying channels like high speed trains.

Role in the project

INRETS will bring its expertise in intelligent video surveillance (multimedia analysis and interpretation, automatic detection of events) and its expertise in wireless communications systems in the railway domain for the definition of a challenging test framework and the development of new services that will be enabled by the Boss project in the field of security for European public transports. The experience of INRETS in state of the art both in audio/video surveillance and wireless communication as well as the experience of INRETS in the railway domain will help the consortium to reach the BOSS objectives. The LEOST participated to several European projects (CROMATICA, PRISMATICA) and national project (SAMSIT and ETISEO) dealing with audio/video surveillance and automatic events detection for security purpose in public transport. The LEOST also participated to European project such as INTEGRAIL, MODURBAN and in national ones such as EVAS and Train-IPSAT dealng with information and telecommunication systems for public transport needs.

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