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University Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC)

The University Pierre & Marie Curie (UPMC) is the largest Scientific and Medical University in France: 4 000 Faculties, 3 000 technical and administrative staff, 30 000 students among them 10.000 in M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees, 700 scientific PhDs do graduate per year, 15 000 publications on average in a 4 year period. It is located downtown Paris. In the BOSS project, (LIP6) laboratory is participating on behalf of UPMC. LIP6 is one of the largest computer science laboratories in France (>350 researchers) covering a wide spectrum of topics ranging from theoretical computer science to VLSI, among them, the Network and Performance Analysis group covers issues related to networking. LIP6 is a lab associated with CNRS (National Scientific Research Centre).
The Network and Performance Analysis (NPA) group aims at developing a vision for the future Internet as well as design solutions to shape and manage it. The target of the group is the control of ubiquitous, mobile and versatile networks that expand everywhere in our private and professional environments. The core of our work concerns problems related to multimedia and mobile networks, scalability, ambient networks and peer-to-peer. Moreover, significant work is developed in the area of Internet measurement and modelling.
The group develop a modern approach of research in networking, through basic research and transfer activities, in strong cooperation with worldwide academic partners and industrial leaders. It is also the core of Euronetlab, a joint laboratory between industrial and academic partners. Transfer is measurable though our contributions to standardization bodies (like IETF : for instance MLDv2 or RTP XR), the creation of start-ups (like Qosmos) as well as numerous research contracts (THALES, Alcatel, FT, Nortel, Cegetel, EADS, Sprint, …).
Besides recurrent financial support, a large part of the budget comes from contracts both at the national, European and International level. Moreover, the group maintains a high number of academic cooperation’s, was instrumental in the establishment of the COST community in networking (COST237, COST264) and more recently in E-NET (FP5 Thematic network) and ENEXT (FP6 NoE), and plays also a critical role of animation at the national level.

Role in the project

UPMC will focus mainly on the network inside the train including the gateway, the access points, the mesh routers and the end-user devices as well as the wireless link technologies. Research work will be conducted in order to optimize the architecture of the network for high QoS. Also, routing protocols, cross-layer design and self-organization issues should be tackled. The networking team at UPMC has a good experience in mesh networks (national project INFRADIO) and multihop wireless in general (several publications). Accordingly, the skills of UPMC will contribute to the networking WP2, particularly to the tasks "QoS over IP" and "Interconnectivity solutions". Besides, UPMC will participate in system integration and validation through the networking module, and also in the dissemination efforts.

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