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Telefónica Investigacion y Desarrollo (TELEFONICA)

TELEFONICA is the leading telecommunications operator in the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking world, and one of the largest telecoms sector companies in the world. The companies in the TELEFONICA group provide a complete range of communications services which includes fixed telephony, mobile telephony, data transmission and added-value services, business services, internet access, directories, CRM services and audiovisual media content production and broadcasting.
Research and development is essential to identifying those factors, which are going to shape the future development of TELEFONICA 's businesses. For this reason, Telefónica Investigacion y Desarrollo (Telefónica's R&D arm) was created in 1988 to lead the group's activities in this field. TI+D's mission is to help improve TELEFONICA 's competitiveness through technological innovation, broadening the range and quality of services on offer and making it possible to reduce operating costs. Its natural clients, therefore, are all group companies. TI+D's main business lines are: the creation of new differentiating services for fixed and mobile telephony and internet; the creation of intelligence systems and other activities focused on optimizing the effectiveness and quality of business processes, especially those dedicated to customer relations services and management; the optimization of the management of TELEFONICA 's businesses, the development of network and services management systems; contribution to the development of broadband / ADSL; strengthening of TELEFONICA 's activities in the development of the Information Society and those activities which make up the so-called Programa de Innovación, set up to identify, develop and apply aspects, opportunities or technologies which could impact on TELEFONICA 's future business growth. Currently TI+D has three premises, in Madrid, Valladolid and Barcelona. It employs over 1200 people; 92% of them hold a University degree. All the activities in Telefónica I+D are carried out conforming to an in house methodology, supported with tools, which has been awarded an ISO 9001 Certification in 1994 and ISO 14001 since 1998.
TELEFONICA I+D has participated in numerous European projects, whether from the Framework Programms (RACE, ACTS, IST) as well as from other programs (ESPRIT, EUREKA, CTS, COST and BRITE). It has also developed and helped in the deployment of many systems and applications for the TELEFONICA Group's product lines.
The Multimedia & TV Service Group at TELEFONICA I+D Works on the generation, testing and deployment of multimedia services, for broadband networks and for broadcast digital TV platforms, taking care of algorithm and system design and integration. Its mission is to cover all the aspects of the platforms, from end-user applications to the management of the overall network. The objective is to try to cover the broadest range of services.

Role in the project

Then, based on the offered expertise the role of TELEFONICA in the project is:

  • to participate to specification of requirements for services and systems,

  • to define and design suitable solutions taking into account access network options, QoS requirements and interconnectivity mechanism,

  • development of video-surveillance services through IP networks,

  • integration of services into different network infrastructures,

  • setup and integration of end-to-end solutions to evaluate feasibility of the solution and architecture design,

  • contribution in the related dissemination activities.

Telefónica Investigación y Desarrollo/INECO/Arteixo Telecom participation in the BOSS project has been partly funded by the PROFIT programme of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade

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