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Arteixo Telecommunications (ARTEIXO)

Arteixo Telecom was set up in 1996 even though the company started to run in 1972 as a part of ERICSSON. Some years later it was integrated into TELETTRA Group and then it kept on working as ALCATEL. All these changes have enriched our business culture giving us an important experience, knowledge and quality which are always present on every activity we carry out.
Nowadays Arteixo Telecom has 185 employees and belongs to the CEMAFE (National Association of Spanish Manufacturers of Rolling Stock and Railway equipment). This association comprises the main suppliers of rolling stock and railway equipments, manufacturers of elements and all kind of devices related to railway safety (signalling and telecommunications). Up until today, Arteixo is the only company that supplies the communication system between trains and dispatchers centres , used by RENFE.

Main activities

  • R+D+i. The main areas where we are working now are the Railway Sector, Fishing Sector, Home Automation and Safety Sector and Telecommunications Sector (GSM/GPRS – UMTS – PLC- ADSL). We have already taken part in some international cooperation projects within the Railway Sector, such as the SITE project for the modernisation and updating of the Dispatcher Centre in Rabat.

  • Manufacturing of Telecommunication and Electronic equipments and systems. At the moment we have all the resources needed for manufacturing, repairing, installing and integrating communication and electronic equipments.

  • After-sales service for the above mentioned equipments.

  • Intallation service. Our Installation Department is able to offer key solutions according to our costumers’ needs.

    All of our activities are certified by ISO 9001 and also by our clients: TELEFÓNICA, ADIF, RENFE, ALSTOM. BOMBARDIER, SIEMENS, THALES E-TRANSACTIONS, CAF.

Role in the project

Arteixo intends to participate in the project to define and implement a preventive maintenance system. The aim of this system is to carry out a preventive maintenance service by a remote control of certain events that take place on the railway composition. Nowadays there are some control applications for trains using an internal wired bus monitored from the driver’s cab. The new application that Arteixo suggests is not intended to substitute the current standards for control duties. What Arteixo really suggests is to increase the performance of the system basing its work on said standards.
In order to do so, we propose two development lines. On the one hand, an internal wireless control network into which the existing equipment will be integrated, i.e. TNC bus. Furthermore, this internal network will also allow us to include new elements that can be controlled and to easily develop interfaces with equipments that are not integrated into the TNC bus. Therefore, the system can be easily implemented on the existing and new rolling stock. To achieve the desired result, the most appropriate and cutting edge wireless technology such us Zig Bee will be used. All these services and interfaces will be integrated into a common network layer through a universal protocol (TCP/IP) – Ipv6, so all the information gathered by the system will be available from many platforms.
On the other hand, a wide band communication system will change the philosophy of the control and maintenance system. The on-board equipment will work as a server system which will allow different users to remotely control and monitor the installation by using a web browser in a PDA of a Tablet PC. In order to carry out these duties, the user needs and authorisation and access will be protected by a password.
Since trains run through different kinds of networks (GSM-R, GPRS, UMTS, WiMAX, etc.), one of the main objectives of the BOSS project is to get a system architecture which is able to select the appropriate network to send data to the different users. The system developed by Arteixo allows the selection of the communication network according to its availability and guarantees a minimum quality service according to the features of the communication network through which the train is running.

Telefónica Investigación y Desarrollo/INECO/Arteixo Telecom participation in the BOSS project has been partly funded by the PROFIT programme of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade

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